Dunno Hoo (deeprestlife) wrote in depressionsux,
Dunno Hoo

I'm new here - be nice


Just joined this and a couple other depression groups earlier in the week, but didn't want my first posting to be while I was so down. I'm a 40 something male, been around LJ a bit but not the depression communities. It's something I've known about myself for a long time, that I'm chronically depressed. Knowing it and facing it are two different things, though. I'm going to try to face it and see if that works any better than just dealing with it.

Anyway, I'm a teacher, a musician, a pervert, and several other things. I've got my professional "face" in order, and I can be a great listener. Good at talking too. I even understand pretty well, except when it comes to my own demons. All around nice guy though, maybe too nice.

Feel free to read my journal and comment - I really need some type of interaction with people - think that's half my problem. Thanks for reading - cya round.

(crossposted - my apologies if offensive or against any rules)
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