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depression leads to more then just suicidal thoughts

i've been in this thing for like ever but i have never posted. why? I'm not sure. Why now? because i dare say i should warn you. I've been depressed most of my life from many good reasons. And it all lead me to fibromyalgia. a musckul skelital disease (didn't spell right) that leaves with chronic pain in joints and muscles, feeling fatigue and sore and sick and alot of other stuff. you never get rid of it and it never gets worse. no doctor really knows why you get it but they think it comes from depression. Isn't that nice? no doctor knows what to do, no pain killers touch it. In fact i've found that some medications react to me the obppisote what it says it does. cuz i've been on things to h elp me sleep and i stay awake all night, but i drank caffiene and i slept a good 10 hours straight. so unless you treat your depression, there is something to look forward to.
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