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Is there a dcotor in the house?

Okay, if any of you guys can give me some advice on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. roughly 9 or 10 weeks ago me and my ex broke up. Ever since I've been in a pretty bad depressed state, a week after the break I got really sick, ever since I have been unable to get any worthwhile sleep. I'm at my wits end now, it's been 2 months of virtually no sleep, a few nightmares, a few dreams, maybe 8 or 9 nights of sleep longer than 4 hours in duration. I have experienced loss of appetite, and things that used to be fun or exciting I now find boring and dull. I believe I have hypermania but have not been diagnosed (my birth mother has it and it pretty accurately describes my standard moodiness). So I'm naturally pretty moody and now I'm pretty sure I've been unofficially clinically depressed for two months now. So when now my his are more "numb" and my lows are SUPER lows... I think its time I go see a therapist, but I'm afraid my company's health plan will not cover it, so if anyone has been through something similar, I could use any advice possible. I'm tired of downing Bourbon til I pass out to get any sleep. Waking up tired and with a hangover isn't working well for me. Does anyone know of any good sleeping pills that are cheap? Are there OTC anti-depressants that are affordable? I'm willing to try either option. Please someone help!
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